Wading Jacket

Wading Jacket

The jacket is made from durable and lightweight material and features a Ripstop fabric which is tear resistant but soft hand feeling like cotton.
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breathable wading jacketbreathable fabric

The jacket is made from durable and lightweight material and features a Ripstop fabric which is tear resistant but soft hand

feeling like cotton.

When you are looking for a fishing jacket/rain jacket there are a few key features to watch out for. The first of these is the

hydrostatic head rating of the clothing, also called a waterproof rating. This will often be written in millimetres and it refers to

the amount of water pressure which can be exerted on the clothing before it begins to leak. Our jackets will offer upwards of a

5,000mm hydrostatic head rating, which equates to a full 5m of water pressure. To be classed as waterproof, fabric has to

exceed a 1,000mm hydrostatic head. Breathability comes hand in hand with waterproof rating, as a waterproof fishing jacket

that is not also breathable will leave you sweaty and damp – regardless of whether it is raining outside or not. Whether you

are looking for a lightweight summer jacket or a heavy duty winter option, you will want to ensure that your jacket is as

breathable as possible in order to keep comfortable on the bank. Our jacket breathability get 4000g/m2/24hours, This means

that within 24 hours, each square meter of fabric can transmit 4000g of moisture, enough to ensure that you keep your body

dry and comfortable in any weather.

Fishing jacket

Some more specifications:

1. Hood Brim

The large and sturdy brim can protect your sight from the rain during heavy rain .

2. Waterproof Zipper

Three pieces big size pocket with YKK waterproof zipper can storage any necessary tools when you are fishing .

3. Silk printing

The logo printing with distinctive contrasting colors makes the whole jacket fashionable and refreshing.

4. PU cuff

The soft and highly elastic PU leather cuffs can be close to the skin to prevent water from entering the sleeves on rainly day.

5. Nick tighten system

A high collar that reaches chin is essential for stopping any draughts chilling your delicate neck area. At the same time ,the

tight system on hood also can reduce the entry of wind and rain , thereby better providing warm protection for the head.

6. Reflective logo

Chest logo printing used reflective ink work , in dark night , it's high vision can be seen easliy .

7. Extend cuff size

The inward folding process of the lower sleeve increases the circumference of lower sleeve which gives the arm flexibility.

8.Back long flap

Chances are you will spend the vast majority of your time on the bank sat down, hunched over a bait bucket, or crouched

at the water’s edge with your unhooking mat and scales. This is why it is vital to choose a jacket with an extended

back, as nothing is worse than getting a chilling draught right in the small of your back.

9.Double side open zipper

The two-way opening zipper can be opened by the zipper from above or from below. When you squat to load bait, you can

open the zipper from below, but the chest is still protected by the zipper.

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