Application of neoprene

- Nov 19, 2018-

CR122 type neoprene rubber: transmission belt, transport belt, wire and cable, oil resistant rubber sheet, oil resistant rubber tube, sealing material and other rubber products.

CR232 neoprene: cable sheath, oil - resistant rubber tube, rubber seal, adhesive, etc.

CR2441 2442 type neoprene rubber: raw material produced by adhesive, used for bonding metal, wood, rubber, leather and other materials.

CR321 322 type neoprene: cable, rubber board, common and oil resistant rubber tube, oil resistant rubber boots, duct, rain cloth, tent cloth, conveyor belt, conveyor belt, rubber seal, agricultural capsule air cushion, lifeboat, etc. Used as toughening agent for modified acrylic fast structure adhesive (SGA).

Upstream raw materials: calcium carbide, hydrogen chloride

Downstream products: nylon membrane, neoprene asphalt waterproof coating, adhesive, adhesive 802, neoprene adhesives, synthetic phenolic resin adhesive modified neoprene, 801 (801), chloroprene rubber adhesive agent, graft neoprene adhesives, glue, waterproof glue, cement, quick drying adhesive, rubber belt, internal tooth belt cutting edges