Basic introduction to fast drying clothes

- Nov 19, 2018-

In outdoor activities, a lot of exercise makes clothes easy to wet off, and quick-drying clothes are characterized by moisture absorption, fast drying, outdoor enthusiasts to carry out summer outdoor activities of the preferred clothing. Outdoor travel exercise is generally larger, underwear by sweat soaked after sticking to the body is very uncomfortable.

In order to get rid of a lot of sweat siltation on the skin surface uncomfortable feeling, some people will choose to wear "comfortable breathable" cotton clothing. But in fact, pure cotton clothing can only suck sweat is not breathable, not suitable for exercise when wearing.

And good performance of the fast dry pants can be sweat into the surface of the garment, so that sweat quickly volatile, restore the body's comfort. Some people think that fast drying clothes are very mysterious, thinking that there are a lot of high-tech ingredients, in fact, most of the fast-drying clothing is made of chemical fiber fabrics, but because of the different processing technology, so that it has ordinary clothing does not have a variety of magical effects. Fast drying clothing water absorption is not high, good breathability (depending on the material) has a certain anti-water splashing, after being wet in the body temperature or wind effect, relative to the normal clothing drying speed is relatively fast.