Method of wearing diving equipment

- Nov 19, 2018-

Step 1

A. Dry wetsuit with "good base" in the material. You can just put it on.

B. Wet wet suit, must body and wet suit, can wear smoothly.

C. Wet wet suit. If in winter, talcum powder or prickly heat powder can be applied to the interior of the diving suit. Especially the parts of the hands and feet that eli wears.

E. When wearing, do not pull your nails to prevent them from tearing.

Step 2

A. Life jackets and B. C after the diving suit.

B. A degree of tightness (chest out) that is about the width of a fist with the body is so tight that it squeezes, so loose it moves up and down.

Step 3

A. The breathing tube has a fixed strap attached to the left side of the mask band (the right side is the position of the adjuster during scuba diving).

B. The breathing tube is positioned in front of the ear on the left side of the mask.

Step 4

A. After the mask is put on, the hair in front should be taken out to avoid leakage of the mask.

B. To prevent the mask from blurring, gently smear with mouth water, tobacco, seaweed is also a good method.

Step 5

A. The length of the buckle should be adjusted before putting the frog shoes on.

B. They are the same as wet diving suits and must be wet with water before they can be worn.

Step 6

A. The counterweight belt is tied around the waist for the final fitting. Eli could unravel it at any time.

B. The counterweight is placed on both sides so that it is more balanced while diving.

C. The excess part of the counterweight belt must be removed, not more than 15-20cm.