What are the waterproof shoe materials?

- Nov 19, 2018-

Waterproof shoes is based on what kind of outdoor shoes? Many people later mistakenly thought it was a kind of shoe in outdoor shoes, but it was not. Waterproof shoes are characterized by good waterproof, cover the performance of other outdoor shoes, to achieve waterproof performance of outdoor shoe shoes need to rely on outdoor technology, that is, waterproof shoes materials: One is waterproof and breathable film making shoes in the sleeve (also known as waterproof socks).

One is the anti-splash coating on the surface of the shoe. Waterproof socks is made of waterproof and breathable film, divided into full socks and semi-socks. Outdoor shoes waterproof performance is mainly by waterproof shoe material waterproof socks, so can be divided into non-waterproof socks, semi-waterproof socks and fully waterproof socks 3 kinds. The whole socks is a waterproof and breathable film throughout the shoe.

Semi-socks is a waterproof and breathable film around the shoe and not at the bottom. Waterproof shoe material anti-splash coating is a layer of waterproof reagent sprayed on the surface of the shoe, that is, so that the water does not stick to the surface. This layer of paint is easy to fail. If it fails, the water will enter the shoe through siphon. So when the surface of the shoe will be stained with water, it should be sprayed with waterproofing agent to restore its splash performance.