Bibikini's Hotter Anti-wear Clothes

- Nov 19, 2018-

The arrival of the leisure season has led to a sharp rise in the popularity of rash guard. Rash Guard is a long-sleeved water sports suit that combines UV protection and body temperature.

Once mainly surfing, scuba diving clothing, the recent introduction of a variety of designs, has become a hotter than bikini "vacation season must-have items." The popularity of anti-wear clothes began last year.

Perfect design can cover the arms and stomach, in the protection of ultraviolet light and body shaping effect, so it is popular with housewives. Note that the following points can be worn to wear anti-wear clothes exceptionally able and elegant. It is important to choose the size that suits your body shape, if too loose it will look more bloated, if too tight, wear off when more inconvenience. If you put on a bikini in it, you will be more prominent in the body lines. Although wearing a bikini is also a good choice, if put on shorts, not only will cover the thighs of fat will also add a lovely temperament. If you do not have confidence in your figure, you can choose the waist for white or a gorgeous pattern of design to disperse the view. In addition, if you feel close to the body wear off is not convenient, you can choose zipper type anti-wear clothes.