Fishing Waders Types

- Aug 29, 2019-

When considering where or how you will using your waders, you should be lead to a few wader style options that will best suit your needs.

HIP WADERS: Hip waders are the shortest available option for fishermen. Resembling a pair of chaps, hip waders feature two separate legs that strap to your belt to prevent them from falling down as you reel in your trophies

Waist-High Waders´╝Ü Also called wading pants, this wading option gives fishermen a little more coverage than the previously mentioned hip wader. Resembling a baggy set of trousers, waist-high waders can be worn with either a belt or suspenders .

CHEST WADERS: Despite being the tallest wader option available, chest waders are the most versatile choice for fishermen. This one-piece garment uses built-in suspenders to keep them in place and allows anglers to fish in river levels as high as their chest.

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