History Of Wetsuit

- Sep 02, 2019-

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In 1952,?UC Berkeley?and subsequent?UC San Diego?SIO?physicist?Hugh Bradner?, who is considered to be the original inventor?and "father of the modern wetsuit,"??had the insight that a thin layer of trapped water could be tolerated between the suit fabric and the skin, so long as insulation was present in the fabric in the form of trapped bubbles.In this case, the water would quickly reach skin temperature and the air in the fabric would continue to act as the thermal insulation to keep it that way.In the popular mind, the layer of water between skin and suit has been credited with providing the insulation.However, Bradner clearly understood that the suit did not need to be wet because it was not the water that provided the insulation but rather the gas in the suit fabric.He initially sent his ideas to Lauriston C. "Larry" Marshall who was involved in a US Navy/National Research Council Panel on Underwater surfing wetsuits for women3mm freediving neoprene wetsuits43mm super stretch surfing wetsuit