How Much Does A Wet Suit Wear? Would You Mind Not Wearing Wet Clothes?

- Nov 19, 2018-

Is there a problem that will bother you, is to go to a place to dive, the first dive, wet clothing should wear how many?

Feel water temperature should return ok, wear wet clothes good trouble, do not wear wet clothes line?

So what thickness of wet suit should you wear before going in the water? Can I go without a wet suit? This depends on the temperature of the sea and its own cold resistance.

The wet suit is a neoprene insulated suit, through the foam rubber inside the small air cavity to block the outside cold water. The more fitting your wet suit is, the less water will be able to reach your skin, and the warmer your wet suit will be underwater. Why? Because moving through the ocean can take away heat from your body, it can take your body temperature 25 times as fast as air, and people who don't wear wet clothes in very cold water can easily lose heat.

Thicker wet suits will let the water take away less of your body's temperature, and a 5mm wet suit will be warmer than a 3mm one.

Another thing to know is that if you dive in very cold water, your body heat will be taken away. Similarly, if you dive in water warmer than your body temperature, your body temperature will increase because of the sea water temperature.

Dive experience rich, neutral buoyancy good, can be wayward some. However, for those with poor neutral buoyancy, it is better to put on wet clothes, which can protect you from being hurt by cliffside rocks and, to some extent, prevent you from being stung by underwater life.