How To Choose A Wet Liver And Tights?

- Nov 19, 2018-

Wet suit is a wet suit, the main function of the wet suit is to keep warm (wet suit and dry suit). In tropical or subtropical diving, the more commonly used is 1mm-3mm thick; A thick wet suit of 5mm or more is required in a cool water temperature; In colder water, consider drysuit. Wet clothes thin and cheap price for more than 300, 2mm-3mm thick diving dry clothes around 1000 yuan should be many choices.

When wearing a dry suit, the body is completely insulated from the water, depending on the temperature of the water, you can wear a sweater inside to enhance insulation.

Judging by the temperature, it is as follows.

Water temperature in less than 17.7 ℃, like ice cave diving, had better choose dry the clothes.

18.3 ℃ to 20.1 ℃, the water temperature in the range you need 7 mm do you wear wet clothes.

21.1 ℃ to 23.3 ℃, the water temperature in the range you need 5 mm do you wear wet clothes.

23.8 ℃ to 26.6 ℃, the temperature is also we usually go scuba diving often encounter water temperature, night dives, or is the place where some of lower water temperature, the temperature in the range you need 3 mm do you wear wet clothes.

Choose 3 mm above 27.2 ℃ : basic is wet clothes or tights in the water. Where 27.2 ℃ higher than the diving can choose not to wear wet clothes, the water temperature around 28 ℃ to 30 ℃ water can wear tight clothes. Wearing tights can protect you from sunburn and prevent your body from touching coral and stinging.