How To Repair Fishing Waders

- Aug 08, 2019-

Lywish Outdoor is a factory specializing in the production of fishing waders. All Waders produced from Lywish company have passed 100% waterproof testing before shipment .

Unfortunately all waders are susceptible to puncture and tear damage on the riverbank and care is needed to ensure this is kept to a minimum. Minor repairs to waders can be made in the field or at home, we recommend more serious tears and large damaged areas are dealt with by the manufacturer.


Here’s how to repair minor damage

1.Dry the waders inside and out. Then turn them inside out and try to locate the puncture. If this is not visible to the naked eye, spray Stormsure Leak Doctor in the area and look for any dark patches that appear. These indicate area of damage – mark by circling with a marker pen. 

2.If you are in the field apply a thin coating of Loon UV wader repair to the area (away from sunlight) and expose to either sunlight or a UV torch light to cure. If you are indoors use a thin coating of Aquasure and leave the repair on a level surface overnight to cure. Avoid allowing Aquasure contact with skin – use a brush or a polythene bag/glove as a barrier. 

3.If the puncture is large enough to allow glue to seep through to the outer surface of the waders, seal the hole with sticky tape on the outer surface first. Remove the tape when the Aquasure is fully cured. 

4.Continue fishing!

Neoprene WADERS 

These can be repaired in the same way as above, but Stormsure is no longer used. You may find leaks by filling the waders with water and looking for signs of water seeping out, marking it with a waterproof pen and applying Aquasure to the affected area. Larger holes can be patched.

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4mm neoprene wader for ladystocking foot breathable waders