Neoprene Wetsuit For Men

- Jul 31, 2019-

Chest zip or back zip entry?

LYWISH outdoor company-We not only focus on producing all kinds of neoprene wetsuit, but also teach you how to choose the neoprene wetsuit that suits you.

Whether you choose from a chest zip entry style wetsuit or a bag zip style suite depends entirely on you. For instance some people like the back zip style as they can instantly ‘climb’ into the wetsuit and many feel that this makes getting into and getting out of a wetsuit very easy. To make back zipping a bit more convenient there is also a cord attached to the zipper to make zipping and unzipping very easy.

There are others who favor the chest zip entry style as not only are these wetsuits easy to zip up and down, they also have an extra neoprene padding across the shoulder area which allows for smooth physical movements. The only other minor difference between these two kinds of suits is that chest zip entry style suits are packed airtight and do not allow any water leakage when compared with the back zip style. To counter this many back zip style wetsuits now come with an additional layer of neoprene that protects against any water seeping into the wetsuit via the back zip.

The picture below is the existing style of our company.   See more details , please click below picture

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