Smooth Skin Camo Spearfishing Wetsuit

- Jul 26, 2019-

What is the purpose of spearfishing wetsuits?

LYWISH outdoor company -- we are focus on choose correct camo neoprene to do fit size spearfishing wetsuit, not only produce customized design spearfishing wetsuit , we also provide ready style camo neoprene spearfishing wetsuit, here we also provide extremely thick 13mm neoprene spearfishing wetsuit. 

Wetsuits are made out of a rubbery organic chemical name neoprene, which is an extremely efficient heat insulator. When you’re spearfishing a wetsuit keeps your body warm by preserving your body heat within the wetsuit. On the other hand, diving without a wetsuit can make your body very cold especially if you live in areas where the weather is generally towards the colder side. In really cold weather, diving without a wetsuit can even cause hypothermia. 

Below picture is LYWISH new developed 13mm neoprene spearfishing wetsuit , it use MRL neoprene from Jako , Korea company provide excellent warm for body . Durable smooth skin on outside and open cell on inside prevent waters come in , all cuff and ankle edge are seals by smooth skin strip . It is an dream style wetsuit for the country where is extremely cold . Enjoy the fishing with 13mm neoprene spearfishing wetsuit 

smooth skin spearfishing wetsuitspearfishing wetsuit