Swimwear Options

- Nov 19, 2018-

For women who love beauty, it's important to choose a swimsuit that suits your body and personality. Some of the following recommendations are for reference only.

(1) one-piece: the one-piece is the safest, most classic swimsuit look for shy women.

(2) flat-footed swimwear: for women who do not want to express themselves, flat-footed swimwear is a bit more conservative, but its downside is that it will make the legs look short, so be careful. Boxer suits are also good for those with smaller thighs.

(3) high-waisted swimsuit: for women with small belly protrusion, it is advisable to choose high-waist-style swimsuit, and it is best to match with twill, so as to achieve the waist effect, but also to draw attention to achieve the decorative effect.

(4) skirt suit: for women with flat hips, skirt suit is a good choice, which can not only visually beautify the lines of hips, but also show the beauty of legs.

(5) split swimwear: it's the choice of stylish women, and any woman with a good figure can choose.

(6) large v-neck one-piece suits: if you have large breasts and large hips, you can choose a one-piece suit with a large v-neck, but the pattern should not be too fancy, otherwise the effect will be affected.

(7) bikini swimsuit: everyone always thinks bikini is the patent of good figure woman, in fact even if you do not have a better figure, as long as you choose the appropriate bikini, can also cleverly conceal the shortcomings of the figure, let you show charming charm.