Trends In Fishing Pants

- Nov 19, 2018-

Since 2006 until now, the domestic water pants is most chaos, miscellaneous small brands to dozens, mainly PVC products, most because of the large this product factory of fabric production, capital takes up a lot, don't put too many technical aspects, several people can form a small workshops, but after all, capacity and limited variety, often can only make a series of varieties, if 2008 a year, in particular, the financial crisis, export export raincoat and boots factories have turned to water pants. Brand mixed, imitation goods, all dealers and other individual manufacturer not will give top priority to product quality Instead, the waterproofing knickers are made into fashionable products in a myriad of ways, which are fancy and pompous, and lose the basic function of the original, and the material thickness and quality of this kind of low-grade product will be greatly reduced in the service life.