Type Of Diving Suit - Dry Diving Suit

- Nov 19, 2018-

When wearing a dry suit, the body is completely insulated from the water, depending on the temperature of the water, you can wear a sweater inside to enhance insulation. Must be trained before use for cold zone diving.

Dry wetsuits are common in cold water areas, but they are also more expensive than wet suits, which are mostly one-piece. There are at least three types of dry wet suits made of foam synthetic rubber, synthetic rubber and nylon. Dry diving suit is higher than that of wet diving suit many, because must have special waterproof zippers and other accessories, such as dry diving air exhaust device (because the air must be injected and discharge dry diving suit to maintain neutral equilibrium, so the dry diving suit a pipeline from medium voltage regulator the first level interface to dry air diving suit). Use dry diving suit must undergo special training, to learn how to control and use inflatable №. Dry wet suits are maintained and maintained by soaking water and avoiding sun exposure after diving, and stored as far as possible in a ventilated and cool place. Zippers should be lubricated regularly and not folded for long periods to prevent unrecoverable wrinkles caused by styrofoam rubber.

The most important function of diving suit is to prevent the body temperature from losing too fast during diving. Diving suits also protect the body from reef cuts and biological damage such as jellyfish anemones.

A wet suit must be fitted, and the less water is exchanged between the suit and the body, the better it will be. The most common types of diving suit are nylon cloth and lycra cloth, both of which are made of foam rubber in the center of the cloth, so as long as the thickness is the same, the two types of diving suit have the same thermal effect.

The difference between the two fabrics is the cloth, one is nylon, the other is lycra. Lycra in the unit area of the number of lines, knitting more dense, so more wear-resistant. In addition, lycra is more elastic, so the diving suit made of lycra is less deformed.

On the whole, lycra's diving suit will last longer than nylon's diving suit. There is also a non-functional consideration. There are many colors available in the market for lycra fabric, so if you want to shine brightly in the water and be the best actor or actress, lycra fabric will be a better choice. As for nylon cloth still can hold a place in the market, mainly because its price is lower.