What To Pay Attention To When Buying A Ventilator

- Nov 19, 2018-

According to all respirators on the market at present, although there are many brands of respirators, and the overall shape is also very different, but roughly speaking, we can classify respirators into the following different types. Breathing apparatus can be classified according to its function, mainly including positive pressure air breathing apparatus, oxygen breathing apparatus mobile, long tube air breathing apparatus, positive pressure oxygen breathing apparatus and positive pressure air breathing apparatus. It should be emphasized here that there is a big difference between the air breathing apparatus and the oxygen breathing apparatus, and the two should not be used in confusion.

And the way of using the respirator is basically the same. No matter what kind of respirator we buy, when we get the respirator, we need to do a simple examination first to make sure that the respirator we buy is a regular available respirator. We need to check several key parts of the full cover. This includes the lens of the full cover, the lacing of the full cover, whether the ring seal of the regular respirator is intact, and finally, the condition of the two key valves, namely, the breathing valve and the suction valve of the respirator, which directly affect the use of the respirator.