Which Soles Are Best For Your Wading Boots When Fly Fishing ?

- Aug 23, 2019-

Lywish Outdoor is a factory specializing in the production of fishing waders. There are two basic sole types of boots on fishing waders 

1、Felt – This material has stood the test of time, and on some surfaces is unbeatable. Felt provides excellent grip on rock and gravel surfaces, particularly smooth rock often found on riverbeds. It’s not so good on muddy banks where the felt gets blocked by fine particles making the boots very slippery indeed. On snow it’s a nightmare – snow sticks to the felt and you get taller as you walk along! A number of metal studs screwed in around the edge of the sole (2cm from the edge) will help you maintain grip on slippery surfaces. Don’t overdo these –too many will impair grip. In some parts of the world felt soles are no longer permitted – this is because they take longer to dry and have been linked with transferring bio hazards between water courses. Check before travelling.

2、Rubber/Plastic compound soles – These soles provide superior grip on muddy banks and are the preferred choice for anglers who hike a long way to their fishing spot. They are more durable than felt and can be studded if required. For general use they are a better option for most situations but not all! Anglers who fish a lot may prefer to have two pairs of boots to match the terrain that will let you enjoy the best of both worlds!

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