Why Buy A Wet Suit Of Your Own?

- Nov 19, 2018-

For diving enthusiasts, a piece of their own diving equipment is essential! Because divers without their own equipment may face life and death challenges minute by minute.

The first thing to do is to find out if the sport is really for you when you actually get involved and learn to dive.

Don't just buy a whole kit on the first dive and find out you don't like diving at all.

1. When you are a diver

At the beginning, people usually have a positive passion for diving. After learning various diving methods, you definitely want to own a set of equipment!

The first most valuable piece of diving gear may not be a wetsuit, but look at the disadvantages of renting one.

2. The disadvantages of loan diving suit

When you rent a diving suit, you'd better hope it's not "contaminated" by other divers. Many divers "release themselves" while wearing their diving suits: urinating in rented clothing.

While most people don't intentionally urinate in rented diving suits, it's common to have some urination during the dive process (the concubines can't help themselves).

Dive shops usually clean up these rented diving suits. The problem is that the clothes are simply cleaned: they are soaked in a large tank for about an hour and then hung up to dry.

However, the bacteria in the clothes were not removed. If the suit is very smelly, most dive shops will usually choose a cleanser to kill the poison.

But can you guarantee a clean diving suit every time? Imagine you're diving in a wetsuit like this .

3. Disordered leases

If you make an appointment for diving, you will definitely go to the dive shop next to the dive site. Then the clerk will take you to the equipment room according to your needs and recommend different diving equipment to you.

The shop assistant will make a list of equipment to suit your needs. The equipment will be: diving suit, goggles, BCD, fins.

Sometimes the equipment you rent can go wrong. Say you're ready to go in the water when your supervisor suddenly hands you a piece of equipment. You asked for the right size, but the style is wrong

Don't panic when this happens. Even if you don't have the right equipment, you can still dive, but it's a lot less fun.

4. Buy the benefits of diving suit

Only your own equipment is the most comfortable, not only do you not have to worry about hygiene, but when diving in the future, you will never have to go to the rental place to choose clothes one by one.

Every time you dive, you can save money on clothing rentals by bringing your own gear. And if you bring your own gear, a dive shop will usually give you a 10% discount.